Best Social Media Practices

As children we were socialized to be polite and to treat everyone with respect, in today’s world of interconnectedness, we are slowly losing those childhood etiquette that our parents instilled in us. In the social media world, there is the perception of being invisible and thus being able to do and act however we see fit. The problem with this assumption is that no one is invisible in the social world, and what you do online has real life consequences. Therefore, the best social media practice is to use and implement those same childhood etiquette that were instructed to us while growing up. The most important rule of thumb is to treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Therefore, since no one, in my opinion, wants to be ill-treated and insulted either in the real world or in the digital world, we should respect each other’s individuality. This means that we should all treat each other with courtesy and respect. Moreover, there should an acknowledge that there is countless different viewpoints, and if one comes across a viewpoint or a way of seeing the world that goes against what you believe, the best rule of thumb is always to agree to disagree. Which ultimately results into a new viewpoint or a way of seeing the world being introduced to you. Finally, the best social media etiquette one can follow is to not disparage other individuals in social media, or to be aggressively offensive to others and best of all to not be ignorant.


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